Sony Looks To Design A Wrist Computer In 2020!

With computers being part of our everyday life, the use of portal notebooks, laptops and mobile phones. No wonder the next idea would be more than portable but to be on the move while it’s strapped to your wrist?! Sony has designed the computer wrist concept and is looking to start a new generation of computerised technology. So far we know that it has a built in holographic projector built in with a pop-out touch sensitive keyboard, OLED touch screen for useability and can be used to tell the time like an advanced looking watch! A fantastic idea like this will surely bring loads of smiles to those that are always on the move! With astonishing looks and being attractively impressive, what’s important is its durability and flaws that prevent us from investing in one of these devices. Knowing some people nowadays who forget to take jewellery off while washing their hands… Yeah I’ll let you figure the rest out! Let’s just hope its waterproof too!
Designer: Hiromi Kiriki
Company: Sony

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